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Rockin’ Christmistelbach: “Giftler, bum, record collector – Christmas review”

Rockin’ Christmistelbach: “Giftler, bum, record collector – Christmas review”

Roman Besser, Reinhard “Kutza” Müller, Andy Appel and guests play on November 30 at Alten Depot. It starts at 7:30pm and entry is free.

Mistelbach. With his new book “Günter. ‘Poisoner, Tramp, Record Collector’ Andy Appel from Ungerndorff has achieved more than respectable success. The autobiography of music obsessive Gunther, who was born in Vienna in 1954 – in a slightly different time/city/culture and life story – pays tribute to On Ö1 and FM4 as well as on Falter or the Krone.

The title now also serves as a starting point for a promising evening at the Altes Depot Mistelbach, where the author will present entertaining texts from the book. Weinviertel legends Roman Beisser and Reinhard “Kotza” Müller provide the right musical accompaniment to songs by the Beatles, Kinks, Stones and any other names. Of course, one or two anecdotes from your career should not be missing.

Over the course of the evening, the advertised “play” evolves through more stories and poems, from contemplative Christmas to… not quite contemplative. Plus their own songs by authentic musicians from Wetzelsdorf and Laa, plus a song or two from the “classics”. The entertainment program is completed with a guest star of one or two stars and…

Well, come and join the festivities, forget all the craziness around you and enjoy a beautiful pre-Christmas evening and have a great time. How happy you are!

Booking via [email protected]

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