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Tasting in the Domain – Popstar Pink on a happy Wachau wine tour

Tasting in the Domain – Popstar Pink on a happy Wachau wine tour

The visit had been announced a few days before Friday, 30 June, as a “family trip” by the famous wine lover. Only the day before I found out the famous person who would come to taste the best wines.

With bikes in the Wachau

The L.A.-born singer Pink (43) — real name is Alicia Beth Moore — who now lives north of Santa Barbara, California, resided in Austria for her July 1-2 concerts at Ernst Happel Stadium on. A bike tour from Krems to Spitz was on the program on Friday. With husband Carey Hart, 44, and two children, daughter Willow Sage, 12, and son Jameson Moore, 7. The first stop was the Franz Josef Gretsch winery in Spitz.

Popstar is also a wine expert

Then the pop star, who has his own winery, went to Dürnstein to the Wachau domain. The atmosphere among the guests who came to Dürnstein by bus was excellent. “Pink knows a lot about wine,” confirmed Lisa Loschenbrand, who looked after the guests with her colleague Martina Wittmann. I asked many technical questions. The group of about 30 people – including singers and musicians – was given a tour of the winery.

Trenning and Achleiten favourites

The American guests were amazed by the baroque atmosphere and the old barrels. Pink was very interested in brandy because, as she explained, she is currently patenting the distillery in her home country. There was a wine tasting in an excellent setting, where the special guest drew little hearts on wines that he particularly liked and that the singer wanted to take away. In the end, the singer’s baggage included a bottle of Grüner Veltliner XA22 brandy (22 aged in barrels). Favorite wine of the evening: Riesling Federspiel Trenning from the westernmost Wachau vineyard in the domain, and Grüner Veltliner Smaragd from the Achleiten vineyard.

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15 liter bottle gently hugs

In the end, Pink gently hugged a 15-liter bottle of this special Veltliner for a photo, joking: “You could provide all the guests at a party with a bottle and then claim that ‘only one bottle’ was drunk.” The successful evening wasn’t over until about 9pm – and if the diner who had been rebooked several times hadn’t been waiting for the group in a Viennese restaurant, they would probably have stayed longer with the delicacies in the cellar.

An unpleasant incident in Vienna

Unfortunately, the American woman and her family also had a negative experience during their stay in Vienna in addition to the totally pleasant Wachau experiences. Pink, her husband and their children had their bikes stolen on a trip to the Prater in Vienna. Then she posted angrily on social media: “I hope those who stole bikes and then got knee injuries fall down.”

“I love him!” Pink with a 15-liter bottle of Grüner Veltliner Smaragd from the Achleiten vineyard.

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