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Zermatt: Construction of the World Cup slope halted

Zermatt: Construction of the World Cup slope halted


Immediate stop – The World Cup slope is located outside the ski area

The World Cup races are scheduled to be held in Zermatt/Cervinia in mid-November. But now comes the big setback.


Ski stars should be competing for the best times here in a few weeks.

20 minutes / Sebastian Annex

  • Several Ski World Cup races are scheduled to be held near Zermatt/Cervinia in mid-November.

  • But now came the setback.

  • Work has stopped on the World Cup ramp.

Excavators were recently working in the ice on the Theodul Glacier. The men’s and women’s Ski World Cup races are scheduled to be held in Zermatt/Cervinia in mid-November. However, the work was something worth talking about because… They are said to have expanded In several areas, it exceeds the program stipulated in the municipal use plan. Zermatt OC President Franz Julen rejected this criticism On Tuesday compared to 20 minutes hard.

But now the explosion. Parts of the piste cannot continue on the Theodul Glacier. The Valais Building Committee calls for all illegal works to stop immediately. The piste must be outside the permitted ski area on the Swiss side. This is shown by the new results “20 minutes”. The start of the women’s race must be 80 meters outside the permitted zone. A greater proportion of men are affected.

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The decision can be appealed. Meanwhile, the cantonal construction committee will soon conduct on-site inspections and check the situation. However, the authority refused to stop work completely. The committee said in its statement that at this time, this “would not be consistent with the principle of proportionality.”

Will it be possible to hold the race here in November?

20 minutes / Sebastian Annex

Environmental groups are happy

OK President Franz Gulen made a statement to the 20 Minutes program on Thursday evening. He and the other responsible persons deny any illegal construction: “It goes without saying that all necessary permits have been obtained from the authorities and associations in both countries to hold these races.” Jolene: “We have nothing to hide. The local organizing committee hopes that this local presentation will take place as quickly as possible so that there is clarity. (You can read more about the officials’ statement here).

As for the associations that requested the cessation of work, which are the World Wide Fund for Nature, Pro Natura, and Mountain Wilderness Switzerland, they expressed their happiness at the “stage victory.” A spokesperson for Wilderness Switzerland told 20 Minutes: “The decision clearly shows that the commission itself is not entirely sure whether the action is illegal or legal.” Therefore the decision is fully justified. “We are now awaiting on-site inspections conducted by the cantonal building committee.”

In response to a question, WWF Switzerland said: “As a result of the human-caused climate crisis, glaciers are under enormous pressure and are melting much faster than scientists expected.” They are happy that the responsible authorities in Zermatt are checking the legality of the excavations on the Theodul Glacier.

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The Zermatt races are scheduled to take place in mid-November

Images of the excavators also stirred emotions. Many 20 Minutes readers were upset. “The glaciers in the Zermatt region have been under heavy use for years and are no longer immune,” Matthias Haas, a glaciologist at the ETH Zurich, said recently when asked. “Building work with construction machinery has a local effect on ice thickness, but it does not It damages the glacier more than regular skiing.

The men’s downhill race is scheduled to take place near Zermatt/Cervinia on November 11-12, while the women’s downhill race takes place a week later. The first World Cup races are scheduled to be held in Sölden, Austria, at the end of October. The Islamic Salvation Front confirmed the start on Thursday.

“Does this really make sense?”

Ski racing, or rather the early start of the season, has drawn repeated criticism in the past few days. For example, Mikaela Shiffrin said: “I can get into the race mental state at any time, even in warm temperatures. But does this really make sense?

And also the Swiss Michelle Jessen Commenting on the topic of climate change, she confirmed Shiffrin’s thesis and said: “The calendar can definitely be improved.” “I think you are still working against nature and not against events,” the two-time Olympic champion told 20 Minutes. She explained that people tend not to move forward in the fight against climate change.

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