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Handball title race under the sign of change

Handball title race under the sign of change

The curtain falls on the first German indoor football league, with the final stop at Sehn sucht Enns: Final 3 will be held there on February 23-24. The big chasers are of course the defending champions – namely the women from Union Nußbach and the men from Union Compact Freistadt, who start Saturday (5pm) with home advantages against Seekirchen and Kremsmünster. “Of course we feel some pressure, but it makes us greedy. We know what we can do,” confirms European Under-21 champion Marcel Wezinger.

Predictions are difficult because the preparation period has been marked by change. Enz’s men will have to play longer with Markus Reiniger and national team player Gustav Gurtler suffering from an ankle injury, and Vokelbruck will miss his teammate Max Huemer as he wants to play in the second team outside the shadow of prominent striker Karl. Mulner.

“Regardless of that, we want to build on the great successes we had from 2017 to 2022, where we dominated the hall,” said coach Michael Fichtenschlager ahead of their home opener against field champions FBC Urfahr and Laa/Thaya.

FG Grieskirchen/Pötting, under the guidance of Hubert Schatzl, who took over as coach from Markus Kraft and initially had to do without Lukas Edenhammer (who is in South America), aims to stay in the league. This is also due to the fact that former national player Simon Loughmire will soon become a father and will only be able to play intermittently.

The Arnright women also have a new supervisor in player-coach Magdalena Power, but they have to deal with some absences (such as Leah Hartle). Freestadt relies on new striker Cecilia Jacques, and Lakirchen relies on Catherine Wert.


Alexander Zambarloukos

Sports editor

Alexander Zambarloukos

Alexander Zambarloukos


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