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National Team: Rudi Völler is firm on rejection – which coach now prefers everything |  Sports

National Team: Rudi Völler is firm on rejection – which coach now prefers everything | Sports

from: walter m. Stratten

Rudi Völler (63 years old) has won our footballing hearts back with the national team. It wasn’t just about beating France. It was passion, fighting spirit and courage! It’s like you’re waking up from a nightmare!

Dortmund fans sang what Germany felt: “There is only one Rudi Völler.”

It will be very simple: DFB sporting director Föller (together with his coaches Wolff and Wagner) will continue until the domestic European Championship.

BildKnows: (Unfortunately) it won’t happen that way! Rudy does not comply! He will continue to help, but not as a national coach!

Yes, he said that in interviews and in press conferences. At least that’s what he thinks, but we don’t want to believe him. Because Rudy was always there when he was needed!

► As a striker for Germany.

► As a team leader. In 2000, German Football Association president Mayer Vorfelder asked him in an emergency: “Rudi, why don’t you do it?” He led a weak German Football Association team to second place in the 2002 World Cup.

► As sporting director of the German Football Association, he came out of retirement to support Hansi Flick.

So why doesn’t Rudi Föller become coach of the national team until the European Championship?

As a correspondent for Bild, I have known him for 30 years. I felt how happy he was with Rudy’s enthusiasm for the country. But the last few days have pushed him to the limits.

Firing Flick hurt him personally, but it had to be done. Gather a team of trainers in 24 hours. Taking responsibility for a completely insecure team. This gets to the point.

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For this reason, he canceled his participation in the “60 Years of the German League” ceremony in Berlin on Wednesday. Take a deep breath, calm down!

Fuller is clear: A younger coach should be in charge of the bench going forward. He’s there as athletic director, advisor, and perhaps as a fatherly friend.

Julian Nagelsmann (36) is the internal favourite. However, his contract with Bayern Munich, where he was released on March 24, remains valid.

BILD knows: DFB Vice-President Hans-Joachim Watzke (one of the three decision-makers alongside Rudi Föller and DFB President Bernd Neuendorf) has already asked Bayern Munich about Nagelsmann. Watzke wanted to know if the Munich team considered the young coach suitable for the national coaching role based on his experience.

Team up with Fuller and Julian Nagelsmann (36), who are 27 years apart, and could be father and son. Who complement each other in experience and strength. Is this the solution?

However, DFB Vice President Ake Watzke will not try to change Rudy’s mind. He says: “Rudi is a stroke of luck for German football. We are happy to have him with us as technical director of the national team. In this regard, it was clear that the proposal of the working team and the decision of the committees of the German Football Association were correct.”

The new national coach is scheduled to be chosen within the next three weeks. If there is not enough time? Rudy could step in again for the trip to America in October (against the USA and Mexico) if necessary. Really for the last time.

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