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Need for Speed: Unbound: Volume 3 with new content starting next week

Need for Speed: Unbound: Volume 3 with new content starting next week

Six months after the original release, the next new content for current racer Need for Speed: Unbound is coming. Here we tell you what awaits you in Volume 3.

Need for Speed: Unbound is being sent to the next round of content by EA. Volume 3 will be released next week with new content and new challenges. Starts June 20, 2023 with updated content!

Volume 3 is the second in a series of post-launch updates and includes new daily and weekly races, playlists, events, and challenges. This can earn XP, cosmetic and customization items, and new cars such as the DMC Delorean (1981).

In the new chapter, you’ll race against time together in new links for stunt-based challenges and can earn big rewards like the aforementioned DMC Delorean. The update also introduces the Speed ​​Pass, a new way to earn rewards for completing Lakeshore challenges and events.

Official overview of the hottest new game content in Volume 3:

  • pass speed: Players can level up their Lakeshore with the new Speed ​​Pass, a progression system that rewards free-to-play cosmetic items and customizations. 75 levels of content including new outfits, driving effects, neon lights, banner stickers, and more. Fans can complete challenges to earn XP for rewards like the new custom legendary Dodge SRT Viper (2014).
  • UPS link: Players can travel to one of seven locations, from Seba Ski Resort to Quarry, and collaborate with the Lakeshore community to complete four timed rounds of challenges based on progressively more difficult moves and objectives. Fans will be rewarded with XP for the Speed ​​Pass and money for cosmetics and customizations. If you complete 12 rounds of the Link event, there will be a new DMC Delorean as a reward.
  • More ways to play: There are 68 new challenges to earn XP and money, including 29 new daily challenges and 13 different weekly challenge combinations. Players also have access to the new chat wheel, which allows them to quickly communicate with the Lakeshore community. New Drift Playlists add even more variety to the mix and challenge you to earn the highest possible score on each track.
  • In-game store: There you can buy new packs containing cars, cosmetics, driving effects and much more, including:
    • Robojets swag pack: Players gain access to a selection of unique Robojets items, including an apparel pack, exclusive driving effect and horn, as well as the legendary custom, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R (2022).
    • Ford Mustang GT Legendary Custom Pack: This bundle includes the legendary custom Ford Mustang GT (2015) and a 10-level Speed ​​Pass feature that rewards players with new cosmetic items or customizations.
    • FifthOlume 3 option parts package: Grants access to epic upgrade parts for the Volvo 242 DL (1975), Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport E (2016) and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (2008).
Need for Speed: Unbound – Volume 3 Content Update Trailer

As part of Volume 3, the Need for Speed: Unbound racer will once again receive new game content.

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