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Poysdorfer Kulturhaus – Marley’s Wild Thing house music game

Poysdorfer Kulturhaus – Marley’s Wild Thing house music game

Marley Wildthing’s real name is Marlene Wildthing. On Friday, September 22, it was heard at the Poysdorfer Kulturhaus at the invitation of the City Councilor for Culture Gudrun Sperner Habitzel. Mayor Joseph Forrest and many fans, who also come from extended family, were also in attendance. The blue-haired 31-year-old has made Prague her home as a lively singer-songwriter for about six years, with the arts scene there having a lot of potential, new musical colleagues and an amazing range to offer.

The genre in which Marley is at home is called indie pop. Marley plays the guitar, Greek bouzouki and ukulele. On stage at the Kulturhaus she accompanied herself very professionally with a repetition station and a variety of instruments. Onlookers were impressed by how precisely she operated the system with her toes.

Her songs are very sensitive and with deep lyrics, touching the hearts of listeners. Marley has already shown her talent and skills in the NÖN talent competition, where she took first place with her soulful voice. They can now be heard in bars and clubs across Europe and also on the main stage of Donauinselfest. She brought her album “Glasshouse” to the Poysdorf concert for everyone who wants to hear more of the Marley Wildthing over and over again, which is also available online and on CD and vinyl.

These very home concerts, such as at the Poysdorfer Kulturhaus, are always very enjoyable for the artist, so she fascinates the guests with her music far beyond the normal concert programme. She can be heard in major concerts with her international band, with whom she has been working closely since 2019. The beautiful, blue-haired Poysdorfer also makes a good appearance in music videos. Here she works closely with her filmmaker friends in her new home of Prague, who professionally translate her music into images.

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