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Reinberg-Heidenreichstein – Closing event in the new exhibition: “Possibilities make us happy”

Reinberg-Heidenreichstein – Closing event in the new exhibition: “Possibilities make us happy”

The harmonious finale to this summer’s afternoon in Rheinberg-Heidenreichstein began with happy hour in the garden bar, followed by tours of the exhibition halls by Herwig Kienzl and Herbert Starmühler. Gallery owners Christine and Herbert Starmüller answered NÖN editor’s questions.

Noun: How satisfied were you with the number of visitors to your first exhibition at the Rheinberg Gallery?Starmohler: We are very satisfied. We have been able to welcome more than 350 visitors in total. Many of the guests who liked the show have returned and brought friends with them.

Did the number of works sold meet your expectations?Starmohler: Selling photographs, ceramics and paintings is off to a good start. We do not offer beautiful or flashy works, but contemporary and modern art of a high standard.

What will appear in 2023?Starmohler: In the second and final exhibition of the year, we are showcasing paintings by the emerging artist Daniela Frimpong-Mansuh, who was born in Vienna in 1985 and whose African roots are reflected in her work. For her, the great European cultural heritage of Vienna and the cultural traditions of Africa are not opposites, but rather inspirations that motivate each other. The ceremony will be held on September 2 at 6 pm. And on September 16th at 7 p.m., Martha Krumbeck, senior representative of the “Last Generation,” will appear and explain why the climate labels do what they do and what they’ve already achieved. Ernst Stiebel, Heidenreichsteiner, physicist, observer and critic will discuss with Martha Krumbeck.

What have you planned for next year?Starmohler: We already have plans for 2024, but we don’t want to reveal them yet. It is necessary to bring into the Rheinberg gallery art that is stylistically advanced and that is not applied art. We enjoy the diverse possibilities of using art in the building.

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Guided tour by Herwig Kienzel

The painter Herwig Kienzel led visitors through the rooms with his works. The 8-by-10-foot oil painting Tire Tracks was created while observing a caterpillar bulldozing a garden of orchards to create building ground. Kienzel’s watercolors often show erotic motifs, snakes or landscapes. He is more interested in people, flowers, and things that have flaws and imperfections than in perfect things. Through his love of representational painting, even though his paintings seem abstract, he wants to create tension.