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Tesla-NACS is considered the US charging standard

Tesla-NACS is considered the US charging standard

If Washington (state) wants to be part of a state program to electrify federal highways with federal funding, Tesla plans to require charging infrastructure manufacturers to integrate the NACS connector into their charging stations. The decision follows Texas’ move to mandate Tesla’s technology, the North American Charging Standard (NACS), and boosts Elon Musk’s hopes of creating a national charging standard.

Automakers such as General Motors, Ford and Rivian have already announced their support for Tesla’s NACS, opposing the Biden administration’s efforts to make the Integrated Charging System (CCS) the dominant charging standard in the US. Tonya Buell, alternative fuel program manager for the Washington State Department of Transportation, expressed her satisfaction with the move toward a unified standard. He emphasized that the aim is to provide access to as many vehicle models as possible.

Although NACS has not yet been tested and certified for other automakers, Washington plans to require it on state and federally funded sites in the future. The proposal request process is scheduled to begin in the fall. Buell stressed that the decision was to future-proof the state’s investments.

State officials are still trying to determine the exact number of NACS charging points based on current federal regulations. According to these regulations, every charging station supported with taxpayers’ money must have at least four CCS charging points. Buell indicated that the state may require at least two of them to be NACS compliant, or even four. Washington’s plan could increase pressure on other states and the federal government to adopt Tesla’s NACS as the new charging standard.

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Source: Reuters – EXCLUSIVE: Washington State Plans To Mandate Tesla’s Charging Plug