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US heat wave: Hot asphalt causes burns

US heat wave: Hot asphalt causes burns

In the US state of Arizona, doctors report an increase in burns from hot asphalt.

Amid yet another severe heat wave, doctors in the American Southwest are reporting overflowing emergency rooms. For weeks, they often had to take care of the burns.

It was his fault Hot Asphalt: Due to high temperature, many suffer from dizziness. You stumble or lose consciousness and fall into a very hot underground. Hot asphalt then ensures burning – Sometimes even third degree burns occur.

If The outside temperature is 38 degrees Celsius (approx. 100 degrees Fahrenheit), then rise to asphalt Heat to 75 degrees. A surgeon explains to US broadcaster NBC that even a few seconds of contact can lead to second-degree burns.

Seven deaths in 2022

Because burns are so severe, skin from other parts of the body must be grafted onto the affected areas. In the summer of 2022, 85 people in Phoenix were treated for such burns. Seven that passed away on their wounds.

Children, the homeless and those who work outside are particularly at risk.

A very long heat wave

The city of Phoenix, Arizona reported the longest heat wave ever recorded in the last few days: it lasted 21 consecutive days. 43 degrees Measured.

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