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The women’s premiere at the Dolomitenmann continues to make an impact

The women’s premiere at the Dolomitenmann continues to make an impact

After the awards ceremony, kayaking star Noria Newman attacked the organizers and caused division among the athletes.

Noria Newman is definitely one of the toughest women under the sun. The first woman to dive into a 100-foot waterfall and easily tame the raging rapids of the world’s remotest rivers is known to mince her words.

The Frenchwoman was one of 30 women competing in the Dolomitenmann for the first time this year, signaling the end of an event dominated by men. You would think that this alone would be cause for celebration. But after the competition, Newman appears Instagram He speaks and attacks the organizers about the Griezmann family.

Newman, who arrived at the main stage in Linz in 43rd place with her kayak after 45:32 minutes, was upset with the way the women’s teams were treated at the awards ceremony. “The opportunity to meet great athletes from other sports and push yourself was a unique experience. There is not a lot of sexism going on from the organisers,” the extreme athletes wrote on Instagram, explicitly dismissing their sponsor Red Bull from the criticism.

Noria Newman’s video has already reached tens of thousands of people on Instagram. Image: screenshot

Newman is upset by the fact that only the best female team appears on stage. “And this is despite there being ten men’s teams – the top five pro and amateur teams,” Newman said. The 32-year-old has never felt “such disrespect” in her life: “It’s unacceptable. It feels like women and our achievements don’t count.”

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“That was unfortunate. I was hoping for the top three women’s bands to appear on stage.”

Sophia Schmidt

To some extent, Sophia Schmidt can understand the excitement. “It was unfortunate. “I also hoped that the three best women’s teams would be brought to the stage,” the rower explains selfishly. Schmidt crossed the finish line with the “Sport Auer 4 Angels” team as the second best women’s team: “For me, it’s not about Not only with financial rewards, but also with recognition and appreciation.”

“A wonderful, huge event, an unfortunate winner’s party,” was Sophia Schmidt’s conclusion. Photo: EXPA/Blassnig

But the German also shows understanding for the organizers: “It’s still early days and I’ve been told that the criticism is taken very seriously. The event itself was incredibly cool and I will definitely come back.” Mountain biker Elisabeth Ossell, who came in 71st place with “Osttirol Dein Berg Tirol,” goes a step further: “If this criticism is all that remains, then I agree with it.” “This sad.”

Elizabeth Ossell ‘doesn’t want to know anything’ about sexism controversy. For her it was about athletic appeal. Photo: EXPA/Blassnig

Osel reminds us of the lack of experience: “It was the first show, and we women would have had a hard time.” She entered the race herself with a different attitude. “For me, it was about showing that we can keep up and deliver exceptional performance,” Osel said. That too was a success and should be celebrated.

Organizer Nikki Greisman: “We did our best for the women.” Photo: EXPA/Huter

“Ultimately, we are simply bringing the best five professional and amateur bands to the stage.”

Niki Griezmann
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The harsh criticism from Newman’s organizer, Niki Grismann, is not entirely understandable. “We did everything we could to give women the biggest stage possible. What I forgot, it was also a first for us, after the official registration deadline, only 3 women’s teams were named in different categories, and the other teams were all nominated later. Due to our lack of any experience Here, both in terms of performance and in terms of the number of female bands, we decided to bring only the five best professional and amateur bands to the stage, without separating by gender, as this has always been the case.

In short order, they decided to bring the fastest female team to the stage and honor them. “Good thinking is not always done well, so we have to take it seriously,” said Griezmann, who has added eight women’s teams to her squad. Congratulations on your great achievements. For the organizers, it was about gathering experiences and learning lessons for the future. Griezmann confirmed: “Of course we will do that, and we will re-evaluate the situation and of course adapt things for the next event if a sufficient number of women’s teams register in 2024.”